Owner Blake Gorey Fabrication welding profile bioOwner, Blake Gorey, has been welding and fabricating for over 18 yrs., with 15 years in the trade. He’s trained in MIG, TIG and “stick” welding, custom steel fabrication and architectural ironwork. And he’s built a solid reputation among Western Massachusetts clients, builders and industry for solid, dependable, professional work on every project!

Building relationships and providing expert services have been the keys to our success! – B. Gorey

With clients ranging from walk-ins to local farms to large scale projects for the 5 Colleges – B. Gorey Fabrication provides the same high level of customer service – regardless of the project’s budget.


  • 18 yrs – welding + fabrication
  • National Welding Certifications
  • Experience in Custom Steel Fabrication
  • MIG, TIG, ARC Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Hoisting License
  • Architectural Ironwork


  • 10′ Shear / 1/4″ capacity
  • 75 Ton Press Break
  • Full Handrail Fabrication
  • Saw Cutting
  • Automotive Lift

“Relationships and reputation are important parts of our business. Without out one you can’t have the other. So, we work hard to build and maintain our connections within the trade and within the Area. It’s critical to our success – and we never forget it. From projects over $200,000.00 to walk-ins with a quick $20 repair … the client chose us and is placing their trust us. We’re respect that trust. ” – Blake Gorey, Owner